Commercial Solutions

Commercial Yard Disposal Site

Ellice Recycle’s Commercial Yard serves commercial recycling customers with dump capabilities. The yard is centrally located close to the downtown core at 2525 Bridge Street.

Bin Service

We can provide a variety of bin services with different sizes for your construction projects. We often work with contractors and businesses on major construction sites, minor renovations, and clean ups. Bins can be permanently installed and picked up on a regular basis or dropped and picked up as needed.

Bin and Tote Cleaning Service

Have your dirty containers cleaned with our eco-friendly system for sanitizing trash and organic bins or totes. Dirty water is collected and processed at a licensed wastewater treatment plant to stop contaminated water from entering the eco-system. Prevent the presence of pests, vermin, germs, and grime with Ellice’s new bin cleaning service.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Offset your trucking cost – we offer credits for Non-Ferrous Metals.

We can provide bins to your job site for the collection of a variety of products, including metals for scrap metal recycling.

We haul items such as: aluminum, copper wire and pipe, lead, zinc, brass, stainless steel, electrical wiring, window frames, wiring, and aluminum siding.


Scrap metal recycling prices change on a regular basis. Call us for an up-to-date listing of what we pay for non-ferrous materials and for bin costing at (250) 386-4342.

Potentially Asbestos Containing Materials

Please check with our procedures on how we handle materials that potentially contain asbestos. Those procedures can be viewed on the "Residential Solutions" page, which also applies to commercial users. 

Bin Sizes

Bin Size Max Weight (Metric Tonne)
12 Yard Mini Bin 8’ Wide X 12’ Long X 4’ High 5.5
20 Yard Mini Bin 8’Wide X 12’ Long X 6’ High 5.5
20 Yard Tandem Bin 8’ Wide X 20’ Long X 4’ High 10
30 Yard Tandem Bin 8’ Wide X 20’ Long X 6’ High 10
40 Yard Tandem Bin 8’ Wide X 20’ Long X 7’ High 10